Call Accounting and Analysis

Full visibility to your telephone traffic


Surecom has developed PhoneMonitor™ software specifically for SMEs using the Avaya IP Office telephone system.  A robust management tool, PhoneMonitor enhances staff productivity and helps prevent revenue loss by giving visibility to your telephone traffic. It also has built-in billing capabilities.

PhoneMonitor provides real-time and historical information on key performance indicators of your business in a format that is easy to understand, including graphs and statistics that can be exported to Word and Excel.

Key metrics include:

  • Monitoring and analysis from a departmental level down to individual extensions
  • Number of incoming calls answered and lost
  • Average duration of incoming calls
  • Average wait time (in seconds) of answered and lost calls
  • Cost of calls

Contact us, and we will demonstrate how PhoneMonitor can help you increase staff productivity and revenue through key business metrics; after all, what gets measured gets managed.

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