Asset Tracking

Locate valuable assets and people by leveraging your existing wireless network

A lack of visibility into the real-time location, status and condition of people, staff, equipment and other assets can deliver many challenges to businesses in all industries, but particularly to those in healthcare.  Surecom, with its technology partners, offers Wi-Fi RFID and asset tracking solutions that locate valuable assets and people by leveraging your existing wireless network.

Surecom’s asset tracking solutions automate and optimise manual processes such as inventory management, auditing assets, temperature and humidity monitoring, patient and staff safety monitoring and reporting.  Our solutions provide location, status and condition information that allows for the improvement of processes across all areas of the business, including IT, materials management, clinical and biomedical divisions, laboratories and elsewhere.

Asset Tracking Solutions from Surecom

Our asset tracking solutions have many advantages such as:

  • Real time asset visibility in any environment – from tight indoor locations such as hospitals and manufacturing floors, to open outdoor locations such as shipping yards
  • Interoperability with multiple location modes, environments, sensors and other technologies
  • A highly configurable visibility platform for automating business processes and driving context-aware applications
  • Market leading water and dust resistant Wi-Fi RFID tags
  • No negative impact or security concerns for wireless networks
  • Extending the capabilities of your wireless network to new applications that drive enterprise efficiency and productivity.

If your business is interested in leveraging the power of technology in new ways and improving effectiveness in its day to day operations, please contact us.


At Surecom we develop asset tracking solutions that enable clients to increase productivity, enhance customer experience and lower operating costs. To achieve this, we take the time to genuinely understand our clients – their goals and the challenges they face – and then build a solution that will work within their business model and budgets.

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