Project Management

Highly focused project management, planning & implementation

Project Management, Planning & Implementation

We deliver end-to-end implementation of association management solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, with expert project management & full integration with existing systems.

If you are a not-for-profit, professional association or normal business looking to improve your performance, then making us your services partner will help you achieve that.

With us, you will receive:

  • End-to-end Implementation and Project Management: Projects can be a stressful time, particularly as your staff members have their daily jobs to complete. Surecom has been implementing the iMIS software and managing web and AMS/EMS projects for over 10 years. We have a well-founded project management methodology and have delivered successful projects to more than 100 not-for-profit clients in Australia and New Zealand, and we continue to develop innovative project management solutions.
  • Full Integration:  Effective integration between systems is critical to business efficiency and the provision of seamless member or donor services. Surecom consultants have the experience and expertise to achieve seamless integration and Single Sign On across your systems.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services for membership organisations help with financials, strategy & planning, software selection, business improvement & data analytics.

Financials: Accurate financial information is a business necessity, and lies at the heart of every successful organisation.
We can assist you in streamlining your iMIS software and other financial processes, resulting in increased accuracy, fewer errors and less time spent managing and reconciling.

  • Strategy and Planning: To avoid ‘blind alleys’ which waste precious budget, it’s important to have an overall strategy and roadmap to support your business goals. Surecom has undertaken many implementations, creating real value for our clients and ensuring that the software spend is well directed and all systems remain integrated.
  • Software Requirements and Selection: Selecting the right solution starts with knowing the value it will create for members. Traditional requirements gathering is based on what you know now, not what the future could be, but our approach looks to the future and prepares you for it.
  • Continuous Business Improvement:  Organisations can’t survive being static.  Our well-founded methodology helps implement a measurable Continuous Business Improvement program for your organisation.
  • Data Analytics: There is a wealth of information held within your business systems, to support the measurability of Continuous Business Improvement and for decision making.  We can lead you through the process by radically improving the access to and distribution of this information.

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