Engage members, donors and other constituents at any time and place, from any device

Engagement management system – IMIS

At Surecom, we have over 20 years combined experience with the iMIS product. We are an iMIS Authorised Service Provider and are active participants of the National iMIS User Group (NiUG). Maintaining a currency with the latest iMIS and industry developments, we are regular presenters at conferences and ASI events.

iMIS is an Engagement Management System (EMS)™ that enables organisations to engage members, donors and other constituents at any time and place, from any device. It includes a range of management and engagement features that eliminate costly integration efforts and enables the gathering of improved constituent intelligence, as well as the ability to make smarter business decisions. Some of these features include:

  • Member/donor management – allow the organisation to effortlessly manage:
    • Individuals and groups
    • Membership programs
    • Fundraising campaigns
    • Events
    • Professional Education
    • Financial transactions
    • Marketing activities
  • Constituent self-services – allow members to do the following, either on a computer on a mobile device:
    • Manage their own profiles
    • Renew memberships
    • Make donations
    • Register for events
    • Purchase products
  • Online fundraising
  • Social engagement – empower members to promote and share events, products, campaigns and website content on different social media platforms
  • Private communities – encourage members to connect, communicate, collaborate and share information with each other in a private space
  • Manage multiple websites using the one seamless cloud based system

We can provide assistance for, or implement the whole system, including services for:

  • iMIS Implementations
  • iMIS Upgrades to the latest version
  • iMIS Support and Assistance
  • iMIS Integrations to third party software

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CMS Integration

At times, associations have a requirement for a website content management system which is not met by the out-of-the-box solution delivered by the standard iMIS product. To meet these requirements, Surecom has developed a standard iMIS integrated Umbraco open source .NET based CMS framework, which can be easily installed to work with any version of iMIS from 10.4 onwards and is fully upgradeable to later versions of iMIS.

The website login and forgotten password work directly with iMIS, and the login can also generate a Single Sign On with eSeries, Public Views or other sub sites.

We have also launched a suite of standard iMIS application to work with the CMS framework including:

  • “Find a professional” spatial search
  • Event Listing
  • Event Registration Renewals

It also includes a number of features constructed from the Umbraco tools including:

  • Latest News
  • Media Releases
  • Document Library

This solution includes a role provider driven from iMIS, which allows control of access to content based on iMIS business rules such as membership, subscription to special services, membership of a special interest group, or other key attributes.

Surecom has also integrated iMIS to Sharepoint, Sitecore, Drupal, Plone and many other third party Content Management Systems.

Case Study: Open Source Forums

A professional association using iMIS as their enterprise Association Management System and an open source Umbraco website integrated to iMIS requires a forum package. However, a key requirement was that to post to the forum, a user had to be logged on and authenticated against iMIS. The forum also had to appear as an integrated part of the Umbraco website.

Surecom selected the Yet Another Forum package to integrate this, as it was open source and. NET based. This was integrated into the website, and the forum package was modified to authenticate against iMIS.

Surecom have subsequently deployed the resulting integrated forum package to other iMIS integrated websites.

Application Add Ons

Find a Professional Search

Many associations want to offer a functionality to enable people to find a professional from within their organisation. In most cases, a single postcode search is insufficient, and postcodes are not in any order. As such, a spatial search is required.

Surecom provides a solution to implement this Find a Professional search function for websites, using real time integration to iMIS to give the most up to date results. The search allows for filtering by postcode and radius (in kilometres), and using a spatial mapping database, determine postcodes that fall within a specified radius. It then searches the iMIS database to gather a list of professionals who practice within that area. A filter by specialty type can also be added, for instance the ability to find commercial property auctioneers within 25km of the user.

The results of the search are listed and also plotted on a Google map, using the same spatial database to plot each location.

Case Study: Online Application Forms with Document Upload

An application process requires an applicant to fill out an online form, which is real time integrated to and validated against iMIS. They must also make a payment and upload a number of supporting documents of various types such as word files, PDFs or images.

Once uploaded, the documents need to be reviewed by an assessment panel, which historically was a difficult administrative process, as staff had to to print the application form and attach copies of all the documents before sending through to the assessment committee members.

The Surecom solution allows the uploading and receipting of the documents, then takes the application form and all the documents and merges it all into a single PDF file. This PDF is then emailed directly to the members of the assessment committee, ensuring they have the entire application and attachments in a single document to review. In the future, this will enable a full workflow automation of the whole application process and reduce the amount of backend processing that staff have to do.

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