Surveillance Cameras

IP surveillance cameras brings together the advantages of network cameras and IP networking


Whether you are striving to keep your staff, customers or business premises safe, an IP surveillance cameras solution designed, installed and maintained by Surecom will provide you with maximum flexibility and security.

IP video surveillance brings together the advantages of network cameras and IP networking, resulting in improved security solutions. With the use of digital cameras, it provides sharper colour videos, greater coverage, and better zooming capabilities. Incorporating video surveillance into your local area network (LAN) allows the recorded footage to be collected at every location throughout your network.

Furthermore, the cameras are ‘intelligent’ and ‘keep an eye out’ for certain kinds of behaviours, events and actions – diminishing the need for staff surveillance.

IP cameras reside on your IP network and use internet protocols and standards for the purposes of monitoring and recording.  The video streams can be accessed and stored remotely, and allows users the flexibility and convenience to view and manage the IP camera from different locations with the use of a web browser or video management software.

Surveillance Cameras: The Benefits

The benefits of our IP surveillance cameras include:

  • Reduced costs by accessing existing network infrastructure
  • Ability to place cameras almost anywhere with wireless capability technologies
  • Ability to select specific frame rates and resolutions
  • Flexibility to add extra cameras to the system as required
  • Ability to use power over Ethernet, allowing for one cable to handle power and data
  • Remote viewing and monitoring, configuration, diagnostics and maintenance

Protect Your Business

IP surveillance cameras can provide a huge benefit for businesses in all different sectors such as retail, manufacturing, real estate, hotels and many more. Systems can be designed and deployed quickly in order to deliver peace-of-mind and security.

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