How Advanced Sensor Technology Can Affordably Improve Safety & Compliance


In healthcare, knowledge is power, and with it comes efficiency, productivity, safety and high standards of care and service. Advanced Wi-Fi based sensor technology provides this knowledge by accurately monitoring an asset’s condition – such as its temperature or humidity levels – in addition to other location and status information. But what does this mean for your organisation?

Vaccines, pharmaceuticals, food, blood bags, organs, tissues and other items require strict temperature ranges for quality patient care and safety.  Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring solutions automate manual processes that most hospitals and medical centres have for monitoring temperature and humidity, and enable them to:

  • Improve regulatory compliance through automated collection and logging of temperature and humidity data
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by freeing up staff time
  • Improve quality of care through constant monitoring of safe temperature and humidity ranges as well as analysis of logged data to identify trends
  • Reduce spoilage by shortening the time it takes to identify and react to a temperature problem

Why now?

A number of factors have made sensor technology such as Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring ready for widespread adoption:

  • Cost — sensor, tag and computing costs continue to drop. Data transmission especially via Wi-networks is becoming easier and more affordable.
  • Technology advances — recent advances in new types of sensors and new technologies that support ubiquitous wireless communication, along with software enabling enterprise integration, business intelligence and Web services, are broadening the scope of what can be sensed and monitored cost-effectively.
  • Need — consumers continue to demand better, cheaper and more personalised services, while businesses and governments need greater visibility of their operations and business processes in order to innovate and stay ahead.

Extra sensory perception

Surecom in partnership with AeroScout has the technical expertise and experience to implement sensor technology solutions such as Temperature and Humidity Monitoring that include the following highlights:

  •  Leverages existing Wi-Fi network

Requires no dedicated sensor network, no hard wires and is easy to implement.

  •  Variety of Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Tags

AeroScout battery-powered T5 Tags with integrated sensors are simply placed in a refrigerator or in a room and then periodically (e.g. every five minutes) send the measured temperature and/or humidity over the Wi-Fi network. The battery-powered tags and wireless communications link will even continue to monitor the temperature if there is a power outage. T5 Tags enable an automated and reliable solution that improves regulatory compliance and saves time so that staff may focus more on patient care and safety.

  •  Automated logging

A broad range of scheduled and on-demand reports that are required for logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.

  •  Alerting and corrective actions

Alert dashboards and automated notifications to communication devices enable immediate reaction and corrective action logging.

How can we help?

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