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Australia is at a critical point in the provision of services to older Australians. Demand is set to soar in coming years with an estimated 1.6 million older Australians accessing age services each year by 2023, up from around 880,000 in 2009.

Aged care providers do not have the workforces they need to deal with growing service demand. Based on current projections the industry will need to grow from approximately 210,000 workers in 2010 to almost 400,000 workers by 2025.

The industry has transitioned into an era of consumer-directed care (CDC), where older Australians will have a greater say in what services they receive and how they are delivered. This is requiring providers to offer more integrated services and to collaborate with other providers on care, budgets, pricing and contracts.

CDC solutions will need to effectively support access to services that have traditionally been siloed between health and human service departments and service providers. There is increasing pressure for personalisation and convergence of these programs and services

A survey of CEO’s in the Aged Care market all agree that the biggest challenges in their industry are:

  • User acceptance of new technology
  • Mobility Solutions which are quick to deploy and economical
  • Real meaningful Business Intelligence

Surecom has been at the forefront of research and development in the aged & community sector for over four years.  Surecom is ahead of the curve with its leading edge web, infrastructure and consulting services.

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