ASV Euro Car Parts

Case Study

A single, cost-effective system that handles high call volumes, improves customer response rates and connects offices around Australia.

ASV Euro Car Parts Pty Ltd (ASV) is one of Australia’s largest European spare part importers and suppliers. Headquartered in Sydney, ASV has branches in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The company specialises in parts for many brands including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Saab, Audi, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Peugeot, Renault and Citroen.


ASV receives several thousand phone calls per week from customers across Australia and relies on advertising to generate these calls. Over the years, the company has inherited a mishmash of PBX phone systems. Until Surecom stepped in, ASV’s management team had little control over managing the high volume of phone calls or measuring the effectiveness of their advertising. Reports were developed manually which meant ASV Euro Car Parts could not make management decisions about how to service their customers better or where they needed extra staff to respond to calls.

It got to a point that they couldn’t accurately resource branches and they couldn’t send overflow calls to another office in busy periods so highly paid sales staff had to take calls.

Business Phone Systems Solution

Surecom designed, configured and installed a communications system that utilised Avaya’s IP Office IP500, connected all ASV sites across their WAN using the Avaya Call Centre Suite and used SureSoft’s PM.Net software solution to monitor call traffic.

Surecom and ASV worked closely together to ensure the business phone systems infrastructure was deployed within eight weeks across their 4 offices. To map out the solution, a Surecom project manager travelled to each ASV office around Australia, surveying the existing infrastructure and drawing up floor plans that accommodated new cabinets and cabling.

“Having a trusted partner like Surecom on board made the transition a lot easier. We will be looking at ways to expand the solution in the future, including how we can implement various mobility features inside our business.” Sam Soghomonian, Managing Director.


The use of a single communications system means ASV Euro Car Parts no longer makes STD calls between offices, which has resulted in a 25% reduction in inter-office call costs.

ASV Euro Car Parts has also significantly improved its customer service by leveraging the reporting capabilities of PM.Net to better meet call demand. Calls are now routed to a location where there are more staff available to handle them and contact centre staff performance is now tracked with reports that provide information about how many calls each group answered, and how many were lost.

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