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PresCare improves resident care whilst also improving nursing satisfaction and efficiency.


PresCare is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland and one of the most technologically progressive aged care service providers in the state. Recognising that Australia is facing a crisis over the next decade and beyond, with an increasingly large percentage of the population racing toward retirement, PresCare is preparing itself for the looming ‘baby boomer crisis’ by investing in new technology to support the critical healthcare and communications services it will offer in the coming years.

PresCare partnered with Surecom because they wanted a communications technology solution that would assist with minimising costs and improving safety and satisfaction.


Since 2006 Surecom has been successfully designing, installing and supporting communications technology in PresCare’s nursing homes. The solutions integrate resident tracking using RFID tags, nurse call, camera surveillance and security card access control across an internet protocol (IP) platform. Some sites have benefited from totally new communications technology whilst for others; Surecom has built on existing infrastructure.

Residents’ tags, worn as a wrist band or on a lanyard, communicate with the Wi-Fi infrastructure to notify staff of situations that require their attention. The notification is delivered to a mobile handheld device or flat screen monitors.

“The communications technology implemented by Surecom is a vital extension of our very capable workforce, their ‘eyes and ears’ in an environment that has to be closely monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”  Greg Skelton, Chief Executive Officer, PresCare

Benefits for PresCare

The solutions allow PresCare residents an unprecedented level of freedom whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing are maintained. Residents can raise an alert from any location, not just their bedroom and staff can monitor residents no matter where they are in the facility. When an alert is raised, the resident’s location can be triangulated to within meters of where they are located in the facility.

Not only is resident care improved, the solutions offer the opportunity to improve workflows and gain operating efficiencies through better utilisation of staff. Immediate alerts mean that nursing interventions can be more timely and effective. A reduced monitoring load also enables nursing staff to focus on resident care tasks.

Furthermore top quality infrastructure and support – racks, power protection technology and technical support and maintenance from Surecom – helps to ensure 100 per cent up time which, for aged care, is a critical requirement. The end result is a network that easily supports and delivers advanced services such as video-on-demand, touch screen internet access, IP telephony, broadband data, RFID tracking and roaming Wi-Fi access – amongst other features.

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