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Since 2006, Surecom has been successfully integrating wireless resident tracking, Nurse Call, camera surveillance and security card access control across an internet protocol (IP) platform for aged care providers. Our experience with aged care gives our customers complete confidence in partnering with us. 

Surecom delivers innovative solutions for monitoring aged care residents 24/7, allowing for an unprecedented level of freedom. These solutions work twofold; maintaining the safety and wellbeing of residents, and reducing staff workload.

From Nurse Call to RFID (radio frequency identification tags), to camera surveillance, voice and data, we specialise in designing communication systems to suit your needs. We can build on existing systems already in place, or design a brand new system.

Wi-Fi RFID Tags

RFID (radio frequency identification) tags are worn by residents as a wrist band or on a lanyard. Web-based enterprise location tracking software from industry leader AeroScout allows a system of alerts to be programmed based on configurable location-based rules. The rules initiate an alert, notifying a duty nurse of a situation requiring immediate attention. RFID tags can also be attached to assets, saving time and money with the ability to easily locate important items such as beds, lifters and wheelchairs.

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call tags are wireless, water-resistant, wearable devices with an emergency call button that, when activated, notifies nursing staff of an alert and a resident’s location. The wearable device is coupled with a nurse hand-held device to allow immediate response. The information can also be displayed on other web-enabled devices, such as hallway monitors.

Security Card Access

Security card access allows you to effectively manage and restrict access to designated areas within your aged care facility. The Surecom system is IP-based and utilises state-of-the-art card readers.

IP Camera Surveillance

IP camera surveillance enhances the level of care you offer. When combined with RFID tracking and security card solutions nursing staff can immediately view an incident and act as necessary – a quick response time by staff can save precious lives.

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