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As you know, iMIS (Engagement Management Software) is the leading Full-Cycle CRM for membership and fundraising organisations, with solutions to fit all shapes and sizes. We read somewhere recently that “iMIS is to membership groups as WordPress is to bloggers” and that sums it up well! iMIS software is designed to help associations and non-profit organizations manage relationships amongst its members and eliminate administrative tasks through self-service such as donations, event registration and website updates all through one interface and tied to a single membership database.

Here at Surecom we’re excited about the opportunities this software gives us to further develop capabilities at our clients’ organisations. The first step is for us to work with you to discover the core business processes that iMIS can improve upon. We then work out what modules your organisation would most benefit from, and put together a system that will deliver on your requirements. Most importantly, we’ll ensure it integrates into your existing systems, so you have best visibility of your data for reporting and BI purposes.

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