Keeping Remote Workers Connected


A number of our clients have “Remote Workers” who are out on the road, working from home or other location away from the main office. It is important to keep these remote staff connected and easily contactable to provide better communications between staff and customers alike.

Avaya IP Office provides a cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for enabling better communications between office staff, clients and  these remote staff ,utilising the  One-X application (Mobile Worker or Power User) or remote IP phones.

The One-X application can be loaded onto your Smartphone, either iPhone or Android, to allow the user to be contactable wherever they are by calling their office number. Calls will ring simultaneously on their mobile phone across either the Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

If remote workers work from home then we can provide an IP phone that can be connected to their broadband router and connect across the internet back to the office system. When clients call their office number the handset they have connected at home rings.

Benefits include:

  • Clients only need to call one number and the calls simultaneously ring on your mobile phone or the remote IP phone.
  • This brings the usual call control you are used to from your desk phone onto your mobile phone or remote IP phone.
  • Able to set up and control conference calls
  • Employees can streamline communications by being able to “see” via their phone or pc screen which staff members are on the phone or away from their desks
  • Remote workers can quickly and easily exchange information via chat to help speed decision-making
  • Cost saving and an increase in staff productivity

Click here to watch the video for a demonstration on the One-X Power User Application.

For more information or to discuss your requirements for supporting remote workers further please call Simon on 07 3514 9120.

To discuss Multi-Site Networking options  – whether a remote office on the other side of town, across the country or around the world, we have the experience to assist and currently administer sites in New Zealand, Indonesia, the United States, Chile, Brazil, China, South Africa and the United Kingdom for our clients.

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