Use Your Phone System To Build Your Competitive Advantage


The most important question you should be asking of a business phone system is: How will it deliver real results for our business?

Although questions like: Does the system have the features that we need? Is it reliable? Is it the right size? Can it grow as we grow? Will it fit within our budget? are important; instead of just helping to communicate, your telephone solution can help build your business. By helping to increase the productivity of your employees, reduce overheads, and improve customer service it can make such a dramatic impact on sales or customer service that it literally pays for itself.

Here are three key ways a business telephone solution can help deliver real results for your business:

1.   Make it easier to do business with you

How easy do you make it for customers to choose and do business with your company?  You might answer “We’re a small company, we can respond to any situation quickly.”  In reality, however, it’s the very rare company that can make that claim.

When a call comes in, it’s not uncommon for even the most customer-focused company to throw up roadblocks.  How often do you hear: “Our person who handles that kind of project isn’t here right now” or “The person assigned to your account will be in the office later today”?

When the competition is a click away, these delays invite the prospect to move on and find a more responsive company.  However, these days’ telephone solutions have intelligent call routing whereby customers call one number and are routed to the appropriate department or person.  Sales people, for instance don’t get calls that were meant for accounts or customer support.

Critical calls get through and your customers are taken care of—resulting in more sales, better customer service and greater productivity.

2.   Efficiently manage business growth

Ideally, every business would like steady, well timed business expansion.  The reality in business is that a “steps and ladders” growth pattern is more typical than simple, steady upward growth.  That’s what can make managing a small business such a high wire act: projecting incoming business and matching it with cash flow and overhead.

Being able to keep growing (up to 1000 endpoints) with the same phone system is a compelling value proposition.  And, the extra measure of flexibility to manage inevitable fluctuations in business growth is just as important.  Today’s communications technology makes it easy to support telecommuting and work-at-home capabilities, so you could employ staff from anywhere to help you more effectively and flexibly handle customer enquiries as your business grows.

3.   Enable faster responsiveness

People today work not only from their primary office, but also from home offices, colleagues’ offices, the offices of customers and partners, coffee shops, hotel rooms and airport terminals—just about anywhere.  They stay connected using mobile devices: laptops, smart phones or tablets.  Being connected in so many different ways and being able to work in so many different locations is a great convenience, but it also creates challenges. Knowing how to best reach someone has become more complex.  How often do people ask “What’s the best number to use to reach you?” or “Why didn’t you text me?”

The fact is, simply being able to connect anytime, anywhere is no longer enough.  Businesses that want to truly leverage the power of remote workforces, dispersed operations, teleworking, etc. need solutions that enable them to proactively manage and integrate today’s anytime, anywhere communications capabilities.  That is exactly what today’s IP-based communications systems can do; bring together all your communications, letting employees handle business on the device of choice — laptop, mobile, office or home phone — anytime, anywhere.

Critical calls get through and your customers are taken care of—resulting in more sales, better customer service and greater productivity.

Make your phone system pay for itself

The right business telephone solution can also save you money by:

Reducing calling costs: Connecting multiple sites to enable site-to-site calling in network; routing mobile communications and long-distance calls over existing broadband links.

Bringing communications in-house: Eliminating or reducing the expense of outsourced conferencing fees, teleworker costs (second line charges), real estate costs and legacy PBX maintenance costs.

Consolidating or re-deploying resources: Automating reception across sites, load balancing workloads or routing calls according to prompts are a few ways that processes can be streamlined and sometimes automated and staff can be free up to do more revenue driving roles.

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