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Organising phone lines and getting a good deal on the cost of phone calls can be a nightmare.  Which is why Surecom, in partnership with AAPT – one of Australia’s leading telecommunications infrastructure companies with an extensive national network – is offering new customers a capped monthly call plan of $395* which includes calls to all Australian land lines, mobile numbers and 1800 numbers.


Premium Plan Cost (per month)

  On-Net   Voice SIP


SIP 5 Voice Plans

  $395.00*(Minimum 24 month contract.Total minimum cost $9,480.00) 
  Off-Net   Voice PSTN

PSTN Voice Plans


  $99.00*(Minimum 24 month contract.
Total minimum cost $2,376.00) 
  Call   Cost Details
  Line   Rental   Included
  Local   Voice   Included
  Calls   to 13/1800   Included
  National   Voice   Included
  Calls   to Mobile   Included
* Terms and conditions apply


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Please note that our rates are optional and you don’t have to take up a Telco plan with your telephone solution.  We are carrier agnostic but through our partners we offer plans that optimise your usage and reduces your communication costs.  If you’d like to know more please contact us.

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