Introduction to the ExtremeWireless 3912i Indoor Access Point


Enterprise class features meet service industry needs with the new ExtremeWireless 3912i Indoor Access Point. This latest generation of internet access router provides support for the latest WiFi and Internet of Things standards, for a data transfer speed of up to 1.2 Gbps and device flexibility in offices, care homes and other environments.

The wall-plate-mounted access point is a sleek white unit that uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) to reduce wiring and electricity bills. Businesses expanding their IT can benefit from PoE as it improves network scalability, flexibility and security. Those already using PoE can fit the new access point into their network with minimal impact on the office or network.

ExtremeWireless 3912i

The Latest Standards for User Flexibility and Performance

TheExtremeWireless 3912i access point offers wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 and a/b/g/n standards for compatibility with all WiFi devices at the standard 2.4Ghz and latest 5GHz speeds. Using a 2×2 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) radio, it supports multiple simultaneous data streams for more efficient and faster data connections.

That means it can support the latest high-bandwidth needs of users with multiple devices. A rollout of the AP3912i can give users seamless network access across a building or campus, regardless of how many units are installed. In the background, dynamic radio management can help the business plan and monitor its WiFi usage to find where connectivity is needed most and to provide the best coverage for end users.

The  Extreme Wireless 3912i Indoor Access Point also supports Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and other IoT protocols, so that smart home or smart office equipment can communicate efficiently with no bottlenecks. These features can be used for building management, access control, climate control and other smart applications within the vicinity, essential for businesses looking to the IoT to boost their productivity or information awareness.

Extreme Network’s latest product can also connect to voice over IP phones or be used with IPTV devices when connected to a 802.3at PoE+ downstream switch that provides additional power for these devices.

High Performance Security and Management

TheExtremeWireless 3912i also provides four Ethernet ports for wired connections to support desktop devices, printers and other equipment. Businesses with high level IT security requirements will find that the access point offers extensive Layer 7 at the application and communications standards (FTP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP and so on) level to protect users and data across the network.

Extreme Network’s flow-based architecture extends security to wireless/wired services, providing rules to limit types of access and ensure quality of service to essential components using the network. The AP3912i supports on-premises management and Extreme’s upcoming ExtremeCloud management software, so the IT department can manage fleets of these devices efficiently, no matter how large or widespread the installation. This helps reduce downtime, improve fault resolution and monitoring of performance.

From student dorms, business huddle areas or conference rooms to rest homes, hospitals and other facilities, the Extreme Wireless 3912i Indoor Access Point can provide both Internet access, monitoring of smart cameras and other sensors, while providing Bluetooth for short-range communication. An IP-camera equipped model will launch next March to provide HD video security, recording and monitoring as an additional benefit.

For growing companies, fed up with poor performance using older business or consumer routers or access points, the 3912i provides all the bandwidth any business needs to ensure all users and devices can connect, and access the high-bandwidth data streams that so many users or businesses expect or rely on for their daily digital business use.  

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