The Benefits of Service Level Agreements in IT


Successful service level agreements are founded on a clear comprehension of the outcomes the business wants from IT or Telephony service management.

Identifying these relies on service managers discussing outcomes with customers and tailoring the associated services to fit around them. But no SLA can be set up without the tacit understanding, commitment and agreement of the business.

Some of the areas where service levels need to be stipulated might involve looking at capacity and demand management, when the critical/peak and off-peak times are in the business cycle and creating a Service Management Process (SMP) for what’s needed in those situations.

The most effective SMP– and best practice framework that supports it – is not just a series of processes and policies: it feeds into the culture and driving factors of a business or organisation.

It seeks to appreciate, for example, the “pinch points” of the enterprise and why it’s a problem if, for example, the email service goes down.

Our clients who are currently on SLAs find the following benefits are well worth the commitment:

  • Priority response times
  • Unlimited support
  • Up to five onsite call-outs per year
  • Systems backup
  • Reduced risk of downtime
  • Fixed service costs for the year, which can be budgeted for

If you’re interested in talking to Surecom about a service level agreement for your business, give us a call on 07 3514 9100.

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