Could video conferencing transform your business?


All businesses are facing an increasingly tough economy, aggressive competitors, fragile customer loyalty, and more savvy customers who are embracing advances in technology. Smart businesses are incorporating video conferencing into their business strategy to help address these challenges by increasing top line business, enhancing productivity and reducing expenses.


The simplicity of current video conferencing solutions means the days of a large, complex system fixed to the boardroom wall that required an IT technician to fire it up for “important meetings” are long gone.  The fact is more businesses are harnessing the power of video conferencing because is easy to deploy, affordable and delivers tangible business benefits including:

Increasing top line business

  • Visit more customers face-to-face in less time than travelling – view expressions, gauge reactions an determine interest
  • Increase the personal touch of doing business – building trust and rapport
  • Strengthen relationships and know who you are dealing with
  • Enrich your customer service experience
  • Project a strong company image with cutting edge technology
  • Extend your reach beyond your company’s walls without significant expense

Enhancing productivity

  • Enhance teamwork, increase productivity and reduce miscommunication through better understanding
  • Exchange more information faster than with only audio and web conferencing – video conferencing enables you to share audio, HD video and data
  • Reduce time to market
  • Leverage  skills & expertise regardless of location
  • Improve employee satisfaction supporting Bring Your Own Devide (BYOD)
  • Decrease travel – saving time and reducing stress 

Reducing expenses

  • Lower costs by reducing requirement for travel
  • Reduce overheads by eliminating monthly usage fees and reducing ongoing IT support needs
  • Enable better environmental practices
  • Save money and time by bringing the problem to the experts instead of the experts to the problem

Affordable and simple to deploy and use

  • Specifically designed for small and mid-size businesses
  • Fully integrated cloud based software which simplifies installation and means no ongoing IT expertise required
  • Is scalable so initial capital outlay matches your immediate business needs and thereafter the solution can be added to as your business grows
  • Works on any device – PC and Mac; iOS and Android; and Video Room Systems
  • Works anywhere on almost any network
  • Any user, inside or outside the business can use the solution – both employees and guests 

How can we help?

Surecom, working closely with its technical partners, is offering a free trial of our video conferencing solution. To explore how video conferencing could increase your business’s productivity whilst reducing overheads, please contact us

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