You don’t have to be large to have a call centre


Surecom is your one stop shop for improving your customer experience and keeping you ahead of the pack by integrating voice, email and web chat to give your customers the choice of how they want to interact with you.

The good thing about Avaya’s IP Office Contact Centre is it’s not just for the big players.  This software is malleable and is just as suited to small and medium size businesses. From five to 100 staff it is simple and easy to use and will go a long way in creating better business efficiencies as it delivers real time information that enables issues or queries to be monitored and addressed immediately.

Surecom can work with you to purpose build this software for your business and you don’t have to start off big – you can start off with one channel such as voice and gradually introduce the others as your business goals evolve.

Key benefits include:

  • Customer prioritisation – defines and prioritises customers based on your business strategies.
  • Skills-based routing – routes all customer enquiries to the employee who is best qualified to handle them.
  • Enhanced outbound campaigns – enables multichannel outbound voice and email campaigns, helping make employees more productive and providing more opportunities for revenue generation.
  • Historical reports – provides information over longer periods of time, helping identify, measure and pursue opportunities, and discover and resolve issues or outages.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) – supports specialised announcement and call routing treatments.

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